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I’m Doug Gordon. I live in Brooklyn with my wife, daughter, and son and am way too obsessed with bicycles, design, urban planning, and cities. When I’m not opining here, I write and produce television shows for PBS, ABC, History, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel and more, generally covering the intersection of science, history, and popular culture. Like all Park Slope residents, I’m also the author of a book.

I’ve been quoted frequently in the media on New York City’s evolution as a bicycling city, and have a special interest in how the mainstream news covers issues related to bikes. As a seasoned TV professional who knows how to tell a good story, I have developed strategies for advocates to make the case for bikes as part of the transportation fabric of any smart city.

I have presented at various conferences including the National Bike Summit and CityWorks (X)Po, and am available to speak to your business or organization on the subject of bikes, the livable cities revolution, and how to deal with bikelash. Email me at brooklynspoke //at// gmail [dot] com.

Also, I ride a different bike now.


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