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Rally for Safe Streets

November 9, 2010

I’ll be at this rally tomorrow (Wednesday, November 10) at noon at City Hall in Manhattan to add my support to the completion of East Side traffic safety improvements.  I’m planning to bike over the Brooklyn Bridge, which spits you out right by City Hall, and the weather is supposed to be perfect, so there’s no reason not to go.

The redesign of city streets is coming under an increasing amount of attack, and a disproportionate amount of that ire is being directed at bike lanes.  Whether that’s due to slashed budgets or the simple fear of change, it’s more important than ever to counter this trend.  Somehow there’s always money for more roads, so the budget concerns don’t seem to hold water.  And things such as pedestrian islands, neck extensions, bike lanes, and new street designs make us all safer, whether we walk, bike, take transit, or drive.  Change needs to be based on facts, not the perception of fear.

Look for me.  I’ll be on the white bike and will be wearing a green jacket.

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