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Snow Job – Call 311

January 23, 2011

As of earlier today, the non-controversial Prospect Park West bike lane was still unplowed and about as icy as you can imagine.  Clearly, a decision has been made to not make this even a minor priority.  (Even not making a decision to include this in snow removal efforts is, in its way, a decision.)  The snow fell early Friday morning and no effort was made to clear it for the Friday evening commute, the Saturday green market at Grand Army Plaza, or even, it seems, tomorrow’s commute.  (If someone has information that it has since been plowed, please comment and I’ll edit the post.)

Remember that this is also an issue of pedestrian safety.  If the bike lane is not plowed, it is unsafe for people to cross it on foot, especially the elderly.  It also can make it difficult for people parking their cars on PPW and exiting to the sidewalk, which has been cleared.  Who knows?  Maybe this fits in with Marty’s request for cyclists to ride their bikes on the sidewalk.

Please use this online 311 snow removal request form to contact the city and file a service request.  With enough voices making regular requests, we may be able to get this and other bike lanes on the city’s radar once and for all.

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