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Chuck Schumer, Street Safety Opponent

February 7, 2011

Chuck Schumer cares about your vote, but not your safety.  So the next time you see the senator around the neighborhood, as I did at a 7th Avenue street fair last summer when this picture was taken, ask him why he’s devoting his time, energy, and influence towards removing a traffic safety project that nearly 90% of his Brooklyn neighbors love.  Oh, and it’s not just the bike lane in his own backyard that’s drawing his attention:

“He’s asked legislators what they’re going to do about [this and other] bike lanes,” said one source.

Don’t worry about health care, unemployment, or the economy, Brooklyn voters.  Chuck Schumer is calling your elected representatives to make sure their priorities are in order.  Do something about those pesky bike lanes!

From the look on her face, my daughter knew something was up a long time ago.  Either she had a dirty diaper or she wanted to ask Chuck, “Why are you making it more dangerous for my dad to push me across the street in my stroller when we go to the park?”  She’s just that smart.  (And, yes, I am a stroller-pushing, Ray-Ban-wearing Brooklyn stereotype.)

Look, I’ve got enough perspective to know that the PPW bike lane is a tiny little issue that barely registers anywhere.  It’s not as if making a few phone calls is going to hurt Schumer politically, since the man’s campaign coffers could probably pay for ten thousand bike lanes.  He’ll be New York’s senior senator for as long as he wants.  (And, not being a single issue voter, I’ll probably keep pulling the lever for him.)  But his involvement further belies the notion that Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes represents anyone other than a wealthy, elite few.

Iris Weinshall wants her parking.  The majority of the community wants safety.  Chuck Schumer may put on a happy public face, but we know which side our senator is really on.

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