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Quote for the Day

March 23, 2011

…what we are doing is we are suing to try to get the city agency to do its job properly.  Who is looking at public transportation here with an eye to the safety and the convenience and the all over impact of…what the DOT is doing?  For example, if the city’s agenda is to promote alternative forms of transportation to cars, it hardly makes sense in these economic times to spend over three hundred thousand dollars on a bike lane and then less than a month later take away the bus on Prospect Park West leaving no alternative to the greater usage of cars. – Lois Carswell, NBBL, 3/23/11*

Yes, who is looking at public transportation and deciding which bus routes to keep and which to cut?  Um, the MTA.  Not the DOT.  To listen to someone who actually knows something about how the city works, tune into The Brian Lehrer show on Thursday.  Howard Wolfson is the guest.

*Like Ben Fried at Streetsblog, I refuse to go along with the pretense that there is any difference between NBBL and Seniors for Safety.

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