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Chuck Schumer and the Prospect Park West Bike Lane*

April 1, 2011

This was the biggest week for Chuck Schumer bike lane news since it was first revealed that the senator was working behind the scenes to have the Prospect Park West bike lane removed.  If I’m missing anything notable, please leave a link in the comments.

Winners & Losers, City Hall News, 4/1/11:

First he said too little. Then he said too much. Asked about a certain Prospect Park bike lane, New York’s chatty senior senator refused to say a word about it. A legal challenge to the controversial lane from a group that includes his wife, former city transportation commissioner Iris Weinshall, just may have had something to do with Schumer’s uncharacteristic reticence.

Schumer Won’t Weigh in on Brooklyn Bike Lane, NBC New York, 3/29/11:

Schumer himself lives on Prospect Park West. And, according to the Times, the groups that have filed the lawsuit have close ties to Iris Weinshall, Schumer’s wife and the city’s transportation commissioner until 2007.

Chuck Schumer Mysteriously Quiet About Bike Lane His Wife Hates, Daily Intel, 3/28/11:

Schumer’s wife, former New York City transportation commissioner Iris Weinshall, is a prominent supporter of Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes, a group suing the city to have the bike lane removed.

Isn’t it Interesting that Schumer Won’t Comment on Bike Lanes? Gothamist, 3/28/11:

Schumer, who has never shown any reticence on other hot topics ranging from abortion to Afghanistan, is apparently too scared to dip his oar into the turbulent waters of the bike lane whirlpool. Which is interesting, because his wife, former NYC DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall, has been one of the most forceful opponents of the PPW bike lane. The group she co-founded, Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes, even held at least one meeting at the Schumers’ residence.

For Schumer, A Bike Lane Too Close to Comment, New York Times, 3/27/11:

Mr. Schumer’s position is especially curious because the lane became the focus of a lawsuit this month, and the groups that filed the suit have close ties to Iris Weinshall, Mr. Schumer’s wife and the city’s transportation commissioner until 2007.

As I’ve mentioned before, Chuck Schumer’s wife doesn’t just have “close ties” to the groups that are suing to have the bike lane removed, she’s also a member.

*Please look for my children’s book of the same title in bookstores in 2016.

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