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Community Board 6 Meeting Wednesday Night, 4/13/11

April 12, 2011

Following Sunday’s massive 750-person family ride, there’s still another piece of unfinished Prospect Park West business.  Brooklyn’s Community Board 6 meets on Wednesday night, April 13th, for its General Board meeting.  On the agenda: [PDF]

Recommendation to conditionally support the Department of Transportation’s proposed modifications to the Prospect Park West bike lanes.

Many of the modifications grew out of suggestions included in the Brad Lander survey and were ostensibly on the agenda at the March 10 public hearing.

This is not a public hearing and no time for general comments is scheduled.  Still, it can’t hurt to have a few bodies in the room in case Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes tries to make another end run around the years-long public process.  Since the meeting is being held at the Prospect Park Residence, just one block away from NBBL headquarters and the infamous Louise Hainine spy cam, it’s certainly convenient for them to try.



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