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Well, They Both Have “Transportation” in their Names

May 31, 2011

The New York Post‘s distaste for cycling is so ingrained into the fabric of its editorial voice, that when confronted with a story about biking its reporters can’t bother to do something that’s straight out of Journalism 101: research.

A transportation advocacy group is encouraging bicyclists to keep track of the recent police crackdown on bike-riding violations with an online map that tracks where summonses are issued and for what infractions.

And although Transportation Nation’s program has been up and running for only five days, the data already show which neighborhoods cyclists should steer clear of.

Transportation Nation is a news project from WNYC, New York’s NPR station.  Transportation Alternatives is the cycling advocacy group.  It’s nothing a quick Google search wouldn’t clear up.  Then again, perhaps the mistake is deliberate, part of the Post‘s ongoing effort to tag cyclists as fringe radicals conspiring to unravel the social fabric of a civil society.

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