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Prospect Park West Bike Lane Hearing

June 22, 2011

Photo courtesy Noa Cortes

This is what the so-called “grown ups” were fighting about today.  Mark your calendars: the next hearing is scheduled for July 20th, which is plenty of time for this little girl to learn to ride without training wheels.

UPDATE: Here’s the statement from Mark Muschenheim, the city attorney:

“The petitioners have been unable to refute the key legal issues in the case. Their lawsuit was brought after the statute of limitations had expired. Even if it weren’t filed too late, the bike path was clearly a reasonable and rational response by the City to community concerns, the sole legal standard for this case. In addition to enhancing Brooklyn’s bike lane network, the installation of the bike path successfully addressed excessive speeding on Prospect Park West, as well as the high numbers of cyclists riding on the Prospect Park West sidewalks. The plan was revised several times with the input of the local community — and it was, from the beginning, a permanent project to address these concerns.”

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