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“End the Bike Wars”

August 29, 2011

Bike lanes are on a roll in New York.  First the Brooklyn Paper weighed in on the absurdity of bike lane hate, and now the Villager offers its take with “End the Bike Wars.”

As for the ongoing “bike lanes war,” a judge’s recent rejection of a lawsuit against the Prospect Park West bike lane was a victory for the pro-cycling movement. Anyone who knows Brooklyn knows Prospect Park West doesn’t have a major problem with congestion — unlike, say, Flatbush Ave. with its gridlock.

Another victory of sorts for cycling advocates came in the sad downfall of Congressmember Anthony Weiner, who was expected to be a leading candidate for mayor. Weiner had vowed, if elected, to rip out all the bike lanes.

Meanwhile, construction of the First and Second Aves. bike lanes north of E. 34th St. has ground to a halt, and we wonder if it’s partly due to the anti-bike lane backlash. And Bramhall continues stoking the anti-bike lane hysteria with his juvenile Daily News cartoons, which truly reflect poorly on that paper.

The Villager has some good advice for cyclists, too: “Be nice.”

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