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Changes at Pier 6

September 26, 2011

My wife and I biked down to Brooklyn Bridge Park yesterday to enjoy the great weather and take our daughter for a few spins on Jane’s Carousel. We typically access the park via the bike path along Columbia Street, which meets up with the end of Atlantic Avenue.  DOT has recently made some changes to this pavement-heavy area and they look great.

Here’s the view looking toward Pier 6 and the water:

A few planters and benches have been installed making this area much more inviting and safer.  The unfinished section on the left will be a two-way bike lane, which will allow pedestrians exclusive use of the sidewalk against the fence, and, of course the gravel-coated plaza.

Here’s how it used to look:

The image is a tad old – you can see in the background that none of the park has been finished, but the area in the foreground is more or less the same as how this area looked until just recently.

Here’s the view looking up Atlantic Avenue toward the BQE, with the tan gravel serving as a better divider between pedestrian and automobile space:

Eventually more improvements will come, making this important access point safer for all who enjoy Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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