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Some of Chuck Schumer’s Best Friends are Bike Lanes

November 6, 2011

Dan MacLeod at the Brooklyn Paper reports on Senator Chuck Schumer’s continued reticence when it comes to the bike lane that runs across the street from his apartment building.  I don’t know if the phrasing of this sentence was deliberate, but it sure is a zinger:

The avid bicyclist [is] in the unenviable position of being married to former city Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall, who is one of the biggest foes of the world’s most controversial bike lane.

MacLeod bumped into Schumer at the Staten Island Democratic Party dinner earlier this week, and writes that when he asked about the bike lane, “the senator’s usual eloquence again hit a oratorical pothole.”

“I haven’t been commenting on that,” Schumer said.

MacLeod writes that he wasn’t able to question Schumer any further, but asked an aide about his biking habits.  The response sounds like a new version of a familiar refrain.

An aide offered only that Schumer “bikes all over the city.”

“But does he use a bike lane?” this reporter asked.

The aide just laughed.

If Chuck uses bike lanes to get all over the city, but not the one on PPW, that’s a shame.  It’s the best bike lane in New York.

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