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“A virulent case of NIMBYism”

January 11, 2012

The Village Voice names Iris Weinshall one of its 100 Most Powerless New Yorkers.

93. Iris Weinshall, wife of Senator Chuck Schumer

Yes, Weinshall wields some power as a former Department of Transportation commissioner and current vice chancellor of CUNY (not to mention going to bed every night with Chuck). But despite all of these connections, when the sometimes-modest supporter of bike lanes was struck with a virulent case of NIMBYism as a bike lane was built on Prospect Park West, she wasn’t able to kill it. (And what good is being the wife of a senator and a former transportation politico if you don’t have the power to kill one lousy bike lane in your front yard after imposing miles of them on other people?)

Iris shares this honor with Black Hebrew Israelites, Park 51 opponent Pamela Geller, Mayan language speakers, and “Anyone who has to use the bathroom in New York City.”



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