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“Painted lines do not do enough to protect our children.”

April 16, 2012

This is how drivers "share" a bike lane.

I don’t normally quote comments from other sites, but this one from the Brooklyn Paper’s story on NBBL’s latest legal threat crystalized a lot of what I believe as an activist, a bike commuter, and, above all else, a father.

“Protected bike lanes are not just nice-to-have for us, as parents. They are critical safety measures. One of our kids has already suffered life-altering injuries when using a so-called ‘shared’ bike lane.

That’s my bias. Here’s my observation: many automobile drivers do not ‘share’ the road well. Local law enforcement–from my point of view–tends to side with the drivers. That’s why real physical barriers are necessary. Painted lines do not do enough to protect our children.”

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