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Quote of the Day

April 26, 2012

From Transportation Alternatives Deputy Director Noah Budnick, via The Bicycle Story.

…the thing I love about riding is that when I ride, I ride because that’s how I want to travel. I ride for the pure enjoyment of bicycling. I don’t ride because I feel like I have to prove anything or because I’m a “cyclist” and I have no other choice. Or because bicycles are superior to other forms of travel and I can’t use any sort of less healthy, less environmental, less city-friendly way of getting around. Other times, I take the subway for the pure enjoyment of taking the train (i.e. reading or listening to my walkman). I take the bus because I want to take the bus or I walk because that’s how I want to get from A to B. I’ve even been known to take a taxicab from time to time.

As an advocate, I’ve come to appreciate the necessity of having multiple of ways of getting around everyday, especially in a city. If you want to live in a healthy city, then we all need access to transportation choices (transportation alternatives, if you will). It’s like your diet: everyone knows that a healthy diet includes a mix of grains, fruits, and vegetables; you can also throw in some meat and diary, a little fat and sugar from time to time. It’s a mix, that’s my point. People are healthy, streets are healthy, neighborhoods are healthy, and cities are healthy when choices are available. People will pick them if they offer competitive advantages; we like variety.

Amen, brother.  When I ride it’s because it makes the most sense for me at that particular moment for that particular trip.  The politics of bicycle advocacy come long after one discovers the joy of bicycling.

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