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Southern Comfort

June 14, 2012

I am always comforted when I see the same tired arguments used to opposed sensible infrastructure improvements.  When the same arguments used elsewhere are the ones that failed here, it means that we’re winning.  From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It’s getting a little out of hand, some residents say, particularly many of the 1,000 homeowners along Mount Vernon and some who drive it.

“We’re not against bike lanes. It’s the width of the lanes we object to,” said Meredith Carmichael, who lives along Mount Vernon. “Why is 1 percent of the traffic getting more than a third of the roadway?”

Several residents have also complained the city never held a specific information session for the public to comment about the bike lanes.

The next thing you know, NBBL will sue Meredith Carmichael for copyright infringement.  The good news is that Dunwoody’s mayor, Mike Davis, thinks bike lanes are “an essential ingredient in the city’s future success at drawing young families.”

The future belongs to bikes.

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