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September 18, 2012

Residents of an apartment building in Bay Ridge are unhappy with the city’s plan to remove eight on-street parking spaces and create a left-hand turn lane on Fourth Avenue and 65th Street.  Even though the building has its own parking lot many residents park on the street when the lot is full.  Via The Brooklyn Paper:

“They are quite valuable to the building,” said Bay Ridge Towers board president Thomas Clark, claiming that not every apartment has a parking space, and some tenants have as many as three cars — news that elicited angry responses from parking spot-strapped CB10 members attending last week’s Traffic and Transportation Committee meeting.

“If you’re going to have three cars, move elsewhere,” board member Joseph Sokoloski told Clark.

Two minor thoughts:

  1. It’s funny how much the word “valuable” is thrown around to describe a resource the city gives away for free.
  2. Drivers don’t really hate cyclists and pedestrians — they hate other drivers.

That is all.

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