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Getting New York Back to Work

October 30, 2012

Transportation Alternatives has released a statement calling for some common-sense measures to be put in place in the aftermath of Sandy.  There’s no doubt that getting people going back to work with limited MTA service is going to create some headaches out there and the last thing we need will be thousands of private cars clogging the roads.  TA’s suggestions include:

  • Emergency Bus Lanes to allow swift transit throughout the City until subway service is restored.
  • Emergency Street Reservations exclusively for the safe use of walkers, bikers and emergency vehicles.
  • Off-Peak Bridge Biking and Walking Lanes to ensure sufficient safe space for people on foot and bicycle and prevent overcrowding on the bridges.
  • Emergency Biking Lanes on well-used routes to enable safe mobility, including coned-off Midtown bike lanes.
  • Bike Parking Stations and Temporary Bike Storage in major employment centers in Lower Manhattan including Foley Square, Union Square, Herald Square, Times Square, Washington Square Park and Bryant Park.
  • High Occupancy Vehicle Requirements on crossings into the most congested areas of the city.
  • Carpool Staging Areas offering parking and passenger pick-up locations in support of drivers sharing rides to meet the HOV requirements.

I will be leading a group commute on Wednesday or Thursday leaving from Park Slope area to help anyone who’s new to bike commuting and needs to get to work.  Stay tuned for details.


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