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Help the Officers of the 78th Precinct

November 2, 2012

From the 78th Precinct Community Council:

Park Slope was incredibly fortunate during Hurricane Sandy. Most of us were able to stay in our homes with electricity, heat and cable. While there was some damage, it was minimal compared to much of New York City and the surrounding region.

But not all of the police officers who work hard to protect our neighborhood were so lucky. Five officers from the 78 Precinct and their families lost their homes and all their possessions to Sandy’s wrath. Many others lost power, but have left their families in the dark and cold to come to Park Slope and keep us safe.

One of the officers who lost their home was working Monday night when he received the call that his wife and three month old baby daughter were trapped in their home and the water was rising. During their frantic phone calls his wife said she wanted him to know that, if the worst happened, she loved him. He waited hours to hear that his family had been rescued and taken to safety.

Another officer has to drive across a bridge to get cell service to contact the precinct. With his gas tank running low he is not sure how much longer he will be able to call in.

We ask a lot of the police officers in our precinct, now the 78 Precinct Community Council is asking you to help our cops. The Council has set up a relief fund to help the homeless officers with immediate basic necessities including clothes and toiletries as well as future needs as the families rebuild their lives.

Donations can be made payable to the:
78th Pct Community Council Relief Fund
c/o 78 Precinct Community Council
65 Sixth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

If you would prefer, you can drop off clothes, toiletries, gifts cards, etc at the 78 Precinct. The affected families consist of 10 adults (5 men, 5 women), a teenage boy and a 3 month old girl.

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