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Sandy’s Bicycle Boom

November 2, 2012

The 1980 transit strike is seen by some as the moment women switched from uncomfortable shoes to sneakers and flats, making a woman in business attire with running shoes one of the iconic images of New York City during the Eighties.  Could we see something similar with bicycles?


“Yesterday we outsold our busiest summer Saturday,” said Emily Samstag, manager of Bicycle Habitat in Brooklyn, speaking to a surge in bike-related sales just one day after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. “Our first customer walked in and said: ‘The subways are down so I have to buy a bike’. That was standard all morning.”

All told the shop sold 15 bikes Wednesday. In October it usually sells a bike every two weeks.

Oh, and the story kicks off with this:

New York, once known as New Amsterdam, could soon look a lot more like…well, Amsterdam.

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