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You never get a second chance…

November 13, 2012

Via Ben Hammersly, writing in British Airways Business Life.

….if you happen to be travelling to Copenhagen airport right now, then very shortly, if you look to the left as you come through the doors from passport control, you will see mounted on the wall not entreaties against smuggling, or a tribute to a great leader, but an industrial-grade, no-messing, plumbed-in bicycle pump.

Consider what that means. Someone, perhaps a whole committee, considered that people flying to Copenhagen 
will not only be bringing their bike, 
but will be needing to reinflate their 
tyres before they leave the terminal. 
It suggests a nation entirely comfortable with the expectation that people 
will cycle home from the airport. 
Is there anything more indicative 
of a glorious civilisation than that?

In New York we welcome visitors by charging them four American dollars to rent a luggage cart.

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