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Quote of the Day

November 28, 2012

Ben Fried brings it to the city’s diminishing number of pro-car-lane radicals:

The only people on the record claiming that narrower roadways increase risk are, to the best of my knowledge, the exceptionally well-connected cohort who wanted to turn Prospect Park West back into a three-lane speedway by getting rid of a safe-for-all-ages two-way protected bike lane. They advocated for the opposite of safety.

Like a climate-change-denying Republican standing knee deep in Sandy flood water, eventually reality smacks everyone in the face.  NBBL has had years now to be proven right, yet I can’t think of one dire prediction about the new street design that has come true.  Can you?  So unless the group suffers from a collected case of confirmation bias, can NBBL leadership still believe that that the bike lane is dangerous?  Did they ever?  And if they know that it isn’t, all that is left then is a desperate need to cling to their former status as members of the city’s elite.

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