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Manhattan CB2 meeting Thursday Night

January 2, 2013

The Traffic and Transportation committee of Manhattan’s Community Board 2 is holding a public hearing tomorrow (Thursday, 1/3) on a number of street improvements in the district.  Yes, this is outside of Brooklyn, but I work in the area and have been involved with item 2 on the agenda below:

  1. *Presentation by NYC Dept. of Transportation of proposals for bicycle corrals at 62 Spring St. (on Lafayette St. s.w. corner), 418 6th Ave. (on W. 9th St. s.e. corner) and 30 Prince St. (on Mott St. s.e. corner).

  2. *Discussion of community proposals for pedestrian safety improvements at the intersection of Carmine/Clarkson/Varick Sts./7th Ave. S. and immediate area:  (1) Relocation further north of traffic light signal on the s.e. side of Varick St.; (2) Installation of a bulbout (neckdown) or a “No Left Turn” sign on the n.e. corner of 7th Ave. S. & Carmine St.; (3) Daylighting (“No Parking”) the s.w. corner of Clarkson at Varick St.; (4)  Installation of a bulbout (neckdown) on the n.w. corner of 7th Ave. S. at Clarkson St.; (5) Conversion of Carmine St. bet. Bedford St. & 7th Ave. S. to one-way northeastbound; and (6) Comprehensive integrated geometric and operational improvements at the Carmine/Clarkson/Varick Sts./7th Ave. S. intersection (similar to 7th Ave./Bleecker St. intersection).

  3. *Discussion of traffic signal changes, sidewalk extensions and other potential pedestrian safety improvements at Bleecker St. and 6th Ave.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, 1/3 @ 6:30 PM at theNYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Pl. Room 401.  If you live, work or commute through the neighborhood, please come!


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