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“Treating cycling like a political football has to stop.”

January 14, 2013

After coming upon a cyclist who had just been hit by an SUV driver in Seattle, the Slog’s Dominic Holden had this to say about those who feed at the trough of bike lane controversy:

Anti-cyclists propagandists, columnists like Joni Balter, and the Seattle Times editorial board have attempted to make cycling a political act. They say cars are being “shoved aside” for the “transfer of asphalt to bicycle lanes” and all cyclists are “militant.” They say a “war on cars” and “road diets” that are proven to improve cyclist safety are driving people out of the city. Riding a bike isn’t a political act. It’s a means of transportation. But because these people—Balter, writers in her cadre, people who call cyclists “militant,” local politicians who refuse to denounce that language, and others who we wrote about last year on this issue—are making it a political issue, and they make it more difficult for elected leaders to fund bicycle infrastructure.

Play Mad Libs with names like Steve Cuozzo and this could easily apply to New York City.  Holden continues:

Treating cycling like a political football has to stop. Deferring cycling investments needs to stop. People’s safety and their lives are on the line—and they’re not activists. They’re just people, commuters.

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