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5-Year-Old Killed by Driver in Sunset Park

September 27, 2013

One small detail from the report of yet another case of a driver killing a child on a New York City street:

“Witnesses said Shao was walking with her older sister and following their father when a white Cadillac Escalade playing loud music hit the younger girl as her older sister dodged the oncoming car.”

Emphasis mine.

When five kids in Maspeth, Queens were mowed down on the sidewalk by a driver, the DOE responded with a letter telling parents not to let their children walk to school with headphones on.  Cyclists are are often ticketed for having two earbuds in while riding, which is against the law.  But seal yourself inside a metal and glass box and pump up the volume so loud that its audible to people outside your vehicle?  The NYPD will not consider it a factor if you crush a 5-year-old with your 7,000-pound truck.

Is it too much to ask drivers to turn it down and pay attention, especially when driving through a crowded neighborhood in the hour after school lets out?

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