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“I’m cool with the bike lane now.”

January 7, 2014

 Another reason why the future looks bright for biking in Brooklyn: my daughter yields to pedestrians on the Prospect Park West bike lane.

This quick mention on FIPS of the latest chapter in the ongoing saga that is the Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit is as good a representation as any when it comes to New York City’s matured relationship with complete streets in a post-bikelash, après-Marty era:

I went back to check through all of our PAST PPW BIKE LANE COVERAGE to try and remind myself what the lawsuit actually hopes to accomplish, but then I realized I just don’t give a fuck. I’ll admit, I was not entirely pro-bike lane when it was first happening. Why have a bike lane when people can ride freely on the road inside the park? Go bike inside the park! But, you know what? I’m cool with the bike lane now. I think it does serve to slow down traffic on PPW, and I don’t think it makes it any harder to cross the street, which seemed to be the main concern of the Seniors for Safety. In fact, you actually have a shorter walk from the median than you would if there was no bike lane.

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