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Just How Old is the Prospect Park West Bike Lane Lawsuit?

February 25, 2016

As with trying to understand geologic time or the age of the universe, it’s hard to get a meaningful sense of just how long Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes and Seniors for Safety have been trying to get rid of the Prospect Park West bike lane. Words alone can’t make it comprehensible to a layperson.

So here’s one way to do it, measured in the age of my kids.

This is my daughter, then seventeen months old, at the April 2011 “We Ride the Lanes” family bike ride:


Here she is at age three, riding on her balance bike:


Here she is at age four, riding a pedal bike without training wheels:


And here’s her little brother. He was born in 2013. In this photo is about the same age as his sister was at the “We Ride the Lanes” event at the top of this post:


He just turned three and wouldn’t you know, he’s starting to ride a balance bike.

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