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Ode to a City Council Member

March 31, 2011

It may seem strange to say that it’s courageous to stand up for livable streets, but courageous is the perfect word to describe Brad Lander, City Council Member for the 39th District.  I believe that no politician in all of Brooklyn or even New York has stuck his neck out more for bike lanes and pedestrian safety initiatives.  Considering the discomfort such subjects inspire in other, more powerful politicians, Brad’s work on these issues is all the more inspiring.

Brad was an early supporter of the traffic calming project on Prospect Park West, conducted a thorough survey to gauge community support for the bike lane, and continues to make honest, declarative statements emphasizing its success.  I have seen him speak at two Community Board 6 meetings on the subject, and can attest to Brad’s calm, thoughtful manner even when addressing people with whom he disagrees.

He recently helped lead the fight to set traffic signals in Central Park and Prospect Park to flashing yellow during car-free hours and called for smart enforcement against cyclists.  As this video proves, Brad demonstrates the kind of measured reason that’s so rare in politics these days.

Brad’s concern for the health and well being of Brooklynites extends far beyond cycling and the edge of Prospect Park.  He has a petition on his website calling for DOT to study safer routes to Pier 6 at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, just beyond the entrances to the BQE.  (Please sign it.)  As this park continues to take shape and becomes an ever more popular summer destination, we’ll need someone like Brad advocating for the community’s safety.

When it comes to transit, Brad has done some tremendous work for subway and bus riders.  When it was announced that F and G service at the Fort Hamilton and 15th Street Stations would be disrupted due to construction, Brad immediately lobbied for the MTA to help Kensington and Windsor Terrace residents with shuttle buses or extensions of existing bus routes.

Brad is on the right side of just about every progressive issue I can imagine, including rent regulation, taxes and issues of social justice and public education.

Brad is up for reelection in 2013, and he’s beginning some early fund raising efforts.  By donating to Brad now, he’ll be able to focus his efforts on issues that matter to Brooklyn.  I truly believe that we need more Brad Landers in the New York City Council right now.  But since we only have one, we better do what we can to send him back there.  Please donate what you can.

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