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Brad Lander and Former CB6 Head File Amicus Brief in Support of Prospect Park West Bike Lane

June 3, 2011

Former Community Board 6 Chairman Richard Bashner and Councilmember Brad Lander filed an amicus brief today in support of the Prospect Park West bike lane.  It includes a detailed timeline of the four-year, community-board-initiated process that led to today’s new street design, and strongly counters Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes’ claim that the DOT acted in an “arbitrary and capricious” manner.

“The process surrounding the installation of the Prospect Park West bike path has been inclusive, transparent, collaborative, and democratic,” said Councilmember Brad Lander.  “The vast majority of Park Slope residents support the path, believe it makes the community safer, and want it to remain.”

“I am proud of the extensive democratic process that took place here,” said Richard Bashner.  “Community Board 6, heeding the calls of the community, requested traffic calming on Prospect Park West to eliminate dangerous speeding.  At our specific request, DOT studied the question of whether a two-way protected bicycle path could be installed on Prospect Park West, and developed a plan for implementation.  We approved the concept, provided extensive opportunities for residents to make their opinions heard at many public meetings, suggested changes to the design, and worked with DOT on modifications before and after its implementation.  DOT should be lauded for its collaborative community process, rather than being accused of making an ‘arbitrary and capricious’ decision.”

I was actually wondering when or if someone would do something like this and I’m not at all surprised that Lander rose to the occasion.  He’s has demonstrated commendable leadership on the subject of safe streets, and I’m glad that he and Bashner have made this effort to squelch the false claim that this project was jammed down the community’s throat.

More info to come.

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