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Bike Lane Hater of the Week – Runner Up

June 3, 2011

Charles M. Blow may be ignorant when it comes to bike lanes, but at least he can’t write policy.  Too bad the same can’t be said for New York City Council Member Eric Ulrich.

Here’s a CrashStat map of the immediate area around Ulrich’s district office. (Click to enlarge.)

CrashStat doesn’t have the latest statistics, but on Ulrich’s block, 101st Ave between 93rd St and 94th St, there were at least 10 pedestrian and cyclist injuries between 1995 and 2005.  Two blocks away at the intersection of 101st Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard, there were 19 pedestrian injuries and one fatality in the same time period.  But you don’t have to go that far back to find examples of just how dangerous the streets are in Ulrich’s district.  On January 8, 2011, an 81-year-old woman crossing with a walk signal was hit by a tow truck when its driver turned left onto Woodhaven Boulevard.

Isn’t Eric Ulrich hilarious?

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  1. Meli permalink
    June 4, 2011 8:08 pm

    Yesterday there was a tragic accident in his neighborhood, that left an elderly lady fighting for her life.

    I tweeted earlier today about about traffic calming being a dream not a nightmare, and he told me to get a life. Considering Ozone Park is my bordering neighborhood, I didn’t find that amusing. He should be ashamed to joke of such tragedy.

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