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Does CBS2 Reporter Marcia Kramer Understand Television?

July 9, 2011

I have little to say about the completely moronic Marcia Kramer “news” report on the terrorist threat posed by the 1st and 2nd Avenue bike lanes that hasn’t already been said.  I can only add a single observation, which you probably already noticed if you saw Kramer’s idiotic story.  During a stand-up, what does Marcia Kramer say at the precise moment viewers see her standing on a nearly empty 1st Avenue, with only a single taxi cab in the background?

“There’s no place for the cars to go!”

Reminds me of this piece of Marcia Kramer insanity (via BikeSnob):

And this visual illustration of the traffic congestion wrought by pedestrian islands in Boro Park:

I’m not sure if Marcia Kramer understands that television is a visual medium.

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