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See? Iris and I love bike lanes!

July 11, 2011

Here’s yet another addition to the growing list of Some of My Best Friends are Bike Lanes quotes.  It comes from Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes member and former deputy mayor Norman Steisel in an email sent to Brad Lander. Via a Streetsblog FOIL request. [PDF]

The full email is a good read.  In it, Steisel claims “600 plus verified neighbors in the ppw corridor” who are presumably NBBL members or at least sympathetic to his cause.  If that number seems big given NBBL’s pathetic showing at the March 2011 CB6 hearing, don’t forget that using the standard multiplier effect of 50:1 for constituent support, Steisel is sticking up for over 30,000 unhappy Prospect Park West residents.

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