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Bike Rack Fail

July 29, 2011

During a recent trip to the Ikea in Red Hook, I saw this rack in front of the building.  I’ve always disliked these kinds of bike racks.  Maybe it’s because they remind me of the kind of rack I used to leave my bike on in junior high school, but maybe it’s because I always found these racks useless.  Ikea has better, u-shaped racks in the covered garage, but this is the first parking opportunity most cyclists visiting the store would see.

If you use this rack as it’s intended to be used, you can only lock your front wheel, a recipe for returning from your errand and finding that the rest of your bike has been stolen.  If you lock it the way this guys did, you take up half of a rack intended to hold ten or more bikes.  Plus the rack is so close to the wall, that a rack that is probably intended to hold bikes on both sides can only hold bikes on one.

Of course, no rack can account for poor choices by cyclists, and given how poorly he locked up, the owner of the bike in the picture still risks returning from his Ikea shopping excursion to find both his wheels stolen.

Do you have any examples of less-than-ideal, but well-intentioned bike racks?

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  1. August 2, 2011 8:24 am

    Hang your front fork over the top rail, use chain to lock F wheel and frame to top rail, use u-lock or cable through R wheel and frame.

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