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Cyclist Hit by Van Driver in Prospect Park

December 3, 2011

This was posted to Brooklynian:

My husband was cycling in Prospect Park yesterday, 12/1, at approx. 4:30pm when an agressive grey van hit/swerved/ran off the road/ran into him. His injuries are quite serious. I understand that 5 police vehicles, fire dept and EMA arrived on the scene. I am trying to gather information from witnesses to the incident. If you have any information, please contact me at I am still working on police/accident reports but sometimes that takes time and need to line up the information. Thanks in advance.

No word on whether the driver of the van stuck around to wait for the police and if he was charged.  The park is supposed to be closed to automobile traffic at that time of day.  If you can get detained for walking in a park after it is closed, one can only hope that the punishment for driving in a park during car-free hours and striking someone in the process would be much more substantial.

We’ll see if the NYPD descends upon Prospect Park to set up a checkpoint and hand out fliers to drivers reminding them to obey the law and respect the rules of the road.

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