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Prospect Park Bicyclist & Skater Information

December 2, 2011

Via brooklynbybike, here’s what the 78th precinct is handing out to cyclists in Prospect Park:

We’ll see how many cyclists — and skaters! — the NYPD catches going over the 25 mph speed limit and above a typical radar gun’s margin of error.

I’m all for an enforcement of rules and safe riding in Prospect Park; lord knows the park would benefit immensely from an improved culture of respect among all users, especially training cyclists.  But if the standard accident rate for initiating an NYPD response is at least two serious crashes in six months, why isn’t the NYPD passing a similar flier out to drivers all over the city every single day of the week?

In a world of limited resources, devoting this much time, money, and manpower to the unfortunate but relatively rare instances of bike/ped collisions in Prospect Park while letting drivers mow down citizens on a nearly daily basis signifies a gross deficiency in the sense of priorities among those charged with protecting the public.  Read all of the Mean Streets stories and substitute the word “bikes” with “guns.”  If two shootings in Prospect Park resulted in a massive NYPD crackdown, while weekly or daily murders just outside the park and far beyond it were allowed to continue unabated, there would be more than just one hundred people rallying outside of One Police Plaza calling for Ray Kelley to take action.

By the way, “In a world of limited resources…” is exactly how the trailer for my movie, Bikelash!, begins.

  1. J.D. permalink
    December 2, 2011 6:33 pm

    a dog running loose, without a leash alongside or near a bicycle or skater can easily cause an accident. This is MORONIC. There are devices like the “Springer” which maintain a dog at a safe distance alongside a bicyclist, neither cutting in front of or getting tangled behind a wheel. I mean, DUH!

  2. Crusty permalink
    December 3, 2011 8:01 am

    Every week Streetsblog publishes their weekly carnage report. This week 4 people were killed by cars- one by a police van. Is there anyway to remind the police of these statistics? Should we send them copies of the blog?


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