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Pregnant Woman Saves Blind Man From Distracted Driver

February 16, 2012

Via a commenter to the Brooklyn Heights Blog:

i was starting to cross pineapple, as was a blind man. a woman “driving” a gray audi q7 was rolling toward the intersection looking down. she literally rolled right into the blind man without noticing as i started yelling “Woah, stop!” she didn’t look up. i grabbed the man (did i mention that i will be 10 months pregnant next week?) and pulled him away. she still didn’t look up. i banged on her car twice to get her attention and she finally looked up. i was so fired up i didn’t know what to do, as i definitely should’ve gotten her license plate number and called the police. it’s hard to assume what would’ve happened if no one was crossing with the man…it appeared that he would’ve gotten hit, and she would’ve rolled over him, without even noticing.

I’m usually loath to give much credence to “near misses” in any discussion of traffic safety, especially because they tend to be the only kind of danger people can discuss when describing the menace of bicycles.  But too many driving-related “near-misses” sadly turn into actual deaths and injuries in a way that bicycle accidents do not.  If New York is “too New York” for blind people and expectant mothers to get around safely, there is something drastically wrong with New York.

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