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Prospect Park Road Safety Task Force Public Meeting

February 20, 2012

Mark your calendars.  On Tuesday, Feburary 28 at 7 PM, the Prospect Park Road Safety Task Force will hold a public meeting at the Picnic House in Prospect Park.  Word is that the Task Force will not be soliciting ideas from the general public, but instead will present recommendations for changes to the Prospect Park roadway.  It’s unfortunate that the only opportunity for public input was at one meeting in November, but we’ll see what happens on the 28th.

In a previous post, I outlined some of suggestions of my own, but the one that nearly 100% of the people at the November meeting also made was closing it to car traffic.  Unless and until someone invents magic paint that appears and reappears as the park shifts back and forth from a temporary rush-hour highway to, you know, a park, the confusion about who goes where when will remain.

I know that the Park Administrator doesn’t have the ultimate authority over making this decision, but I sincerely believe the Task Force would be remiss if it did not recommend a trial closing of the park drives.  It will be helpful for anyone who was at the last meeting, as well as anyone who could not make it before, to attend and remind the Task Force of the overwhelming community support for a car-free Prospect Park.

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