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Grand Central Lights

February 5, 2013


On Friday night, I was one of 135 people who participated in this wonderful Improv Everywhere event staged in honor of Grand Central Terminal’s 100th birthday.

Via IE founder Charlie Todd:

It was almost exactly six years ago when we staged our Frozen Grand Central mission. 32 Million views later, it’s our most popular of all time. So I was thrilled when Arts for Transit approached me and asked if I would be interested in staging something in the Grand Central Terminal on its 100th birthday. While scouting the terminal with them, I noticed someone walking on the catwalks. I had never even realized the catwalks were there. They aren’t open to the public and are only used by employees to get from one side of the building to the other without having to use the elevators. The sight of one person walking by was striking. I figured a large group of people would be even better.

Multi-colored flashlights and pocket cameras created the spectacle.  One of our instructions before the top-secret event was to bring a high-powered flashlight from home.  I brought a headlight from my bike, of course.

Getting to walk along the catwalks was a unique thrill in this New Yorker’s life.  I don’t know which was better: being that high above the main floor or being that close to the ceiling!

Squint and you can make me out in the picture below.  I’m second from the left on the top row.  That’s my camera’s flash sensor glowing orange before it fired. (Sorry, Charlie!)

Photo: Improv Everywhere

Photo: Improv Everywhere

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