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“You Hate My Bike”

February 6, 2013

Comedian Will Hines, who admits to owning and riding a bike, dissects society’s irrational hatred of bicycles:

A few years ago, New York City added lots of bike lanes in an effort to make the roads more environmentally supportive. Since then I have never ridden in a taxi without the cab driver pointing out that the bike lanes are taking up so much of the road that the world has become completely ruined. Traffic can’t function, the economy will soon collapse, and children no longer know right and wrong. I have been told that bike lanes are the worst thing to happen to this city while being driven by Ground Zero.

And this passage will resonate with anyone who’s ever attended a Community Board meeting or delved into the comments section of the Daily News:

Look, I know, you know of a time that you saw a bike behave recklessly, even dangerously. And you know of a place where bikes are really just too much in the way. My point is that you will get more angry at this situation than is necessary.

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