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Every Lane is a Bike Lane

March 24, 2013


“Every Lane is a Bike Lane,” comes from L.A. Metro and is one of the best public service campaigns I’ve seen related to bikes in the U.S.  In the absence of a true separated network for bicycles, it sends a clear and strong message that bikes belong.

New York tends to use sticks instead of carrots in its messaging so it’s nice to see that LA gets it.  For bikes to be seen as equals on the road in the coming years we’ll need more of this kind of positive messaging.

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  1. March 25, 2013 8:30 am

    You’re right that this message is badly needed in New York. It’s one of the big differences I notice between New York and London, where I used to live, that motorists in New York are even less respectful of cyclists’ need for road space.

    The point came home to me particularly powerfully when I had to go for work to Staten Island (a visit I record here: Traffic there moved very fast and made absolutely no accommodation for bikes.

    It’s obvious – but, if cars start behaving more respectfully towards bikes, it has many other knock-on benefits. It means they’re less likely to hit pedestrians too. It’s also bound to encourage more cycling and walking, which is only going to strengthen the case for improved provision.

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