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May 12, 2013
Man, look at this hipster!

Man, look at this hipster!

Yawn. Another dumb story in the Daily News trashing something related to bicycles. Here are some things to keep in mind before reading or reacting to Simone Weischselbaum’s review of the Citi Bike bicycles:

  • The story appears in the Daily News.
  • The exact same bicycles are used in London, Boston, Chattanooga, and Washington, DC.  Similar bicycles are used in Paris. The editors of the Daily News clearly hate New Yorkers, believing them to weaklings.
  • By sending what it describes as its “bike snob” to ride a Citi Bike, the entire story is, in fact, its own “Some of my best friends are bicycles” quote from a disgruntled NIMBY.
  • If you get into a Twitter or comment war over how fast you can ride a 45-pound bicycle, you’re playing the tabloid’s game, which is a fool’s errand.  The Daily News exists in an alternate New York City where physics, logic and the actual experience of sentient beings do not exist. Only page views and parking matter there.
  • Weischselbaum, her editors, and fellow writers have spent years demonizing hipsters who ride bicycles, just like the one pictured in this Daily News story.
  • Weischselbaum says she could only muster enough energy to go 7 mph on her Citi Bike. So I guess bike share won’t be “hell on wheels” after all.  (If you’re looking for a more consistent anti-bike narrative, read the Post.)
  • Take comfort. Eventually, there will be more Citi Bike users than Daily News subscribers.
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  1. Cyclerock permalink
    May 16, 2013 12:33 pm

    I have experience with almost every type of bicycle, and test rode the Citi bikes. They were not bad and were better than expected. They felt like 30 pound bikes.

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