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Citi Bike Launch Photos

May 27, 2013

I’m too excited and exhausted to write a lengthy post about today’s events.  It was just one of those days you had to experience to understand.  And anyway, Janette’s smile probably says it all.

Mayor Bloomberg gave a masterful performance at the press conference, pretty much owning the media’s desperate search for controversy on the subject of everything from stolen bikes and safety to docking stations taking up too much space:  “Bike racks do take up space. But the parked cars that they replaced took up a lot more space.”

Oh, and I had my picture taken with one of the city’s best bicycle advocates.  I hear he writes music, too.

Many congratulations to Jon Orcutt, Kate Fillin-Yeh, Dani Simons, and the many tireless officials, advocates, and allies who helped bring New York City to this day.

More photos can be found in this Flickr set.  I’ll add a few more here and there as time permits.


A few hours after the launch, there were only six bikes at Astor Place. (Click to enlarge.)


It was the same story at the so-called “controversial” Citi Bike station at 99 Bank Street.  Just three bicycles remained when I arrived there today.


It was interesting to see how most of the bikes left in the Carmine Street station were located at the far end, away from the Bleecker Street bike lane.


Back at Dean and Fourth in Brooklyn, very few bikes remained in the late afternoon.

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  1. May 29, 2013 5:57 pm

    As I believe said advocate once wrote: “This was a parking lot; now it’s a peaceful oasis.”

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