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August 5, 2013


Art museums are starting to capitalize on Americans’ newfound love of bicycles in ways that go beyond exhibition spaces:

But time, society, and environmental trends are on the bicycle’s side. Surrounded by ever-growing communities of bike lovers and bike sharers, art museums are finally beginning to explore the exquisite mix of engineering, craftsmanship, and style, that moves us forward on two finely calibrated wheels. The change is happening across the institution, from the curatorial and programming departments to the decision to get more bike racks (for visitors as well as staff) and to post bike directions on websites.

MoMA doesn’t post bike directions or nearby Citi Bike station locations on its website, but it has enthusiastically promoted Citi Bike on its Twitter feed.  The American Museum of Natural History website doesn’t include anything about bike directions or bike parking either.  Neither does the Met.  The only major museum that lists bike parking information?  The Brooklyn Museum, of course.

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  1. Jesse permalink
    August 5, 2013 8:58 pm

    I had no idea the Brooklyn Museum had a bike rack or a parking lot. The last time I rode there I locked up on the handrail with like 5 other bikes. They need some signs.

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